Easeful Money- the new way to run your business finances


It seems to me that many business owners and entrepreneurs have been talking about chasing the dream of making EASY money. But it tends to sound like they’re trying to sell a pipe-dream. That it may solve all your financial woes. That it may even be the main purpose of being in business. And I do believe for some entrepreneurs, it is why they’re in business. They plan to make their financial goal and go retire.


Unfortunately, I don’t see many of these people retiring, they’re still selling the dream. And still working (and there’s nothing wrong with that).


So I wanted to speak about today, is essentially the dream most business owners are striving for, and that’s to make + manage their money in a way that is less stressful and still allows them to have the life they dream of. Today I wanted to speak about how Easy money and Easeful money are two completely different ideas.


Easeful or Ease-full is synonymous with peaceful, comfortable and calm. (Not usually words we associate with money, right?)


When I left the corporate arena and no longer had the reliable wage coming in, I recognised that that what I wanted most financially from my business was for it not to be a source of labour or anxiety. New thoughts arose, along the lines of ‘It would be much easier if I could magically be win the lotto or earn a million dollars in a year!’.


I thought that this Easy money would actually make my life easier

… but what I recognised in working with many business owners is that it is actually not the case. I have worked with many types of biz owners, and easy money to acquire, didn’t result easy money to manage or make decisions around. It was just simply a larger volume of money!


Easy money really focused on the idea that money would suddenly appear in your bank account, that your business will miraculously land a large contract or you don’t have to exert any effort to have all your financial needs met. I noticed early on, these circumstances didn’t mean the business owners was relaxed about their cash.


As I worked with more business owners what I did recognise, in the real business world, was that you can have sudden windfalls and still feel stressed and you can have adequate cash flow and not feel stressed at all. It was about how you perceived, managed and set up your business financials. Irrelevant of the volume of money going through your business.


Once you create Easeful money you no longer chase only large volumes of cash, you no longer work towards Easy money, you realise that you have worked out a proven formula (for yourself) to have less overwhelm and less stress in regards to your business finances. In the end your systems and your perspective have shifted to always put you in a place of calm and relax, less anxiety and more positive vibes around your biz cash.

So I hope you’re ready to hear my thoughts on what can contribute to you biz cash feeling chaotic and stressful and what can move you more into a place of ease when it comes to how you make and manage money.

++ Stressful money ++

Can be the wake up in the night, when you realise you forgot to pay a bill

The lack of clarity when you’re making financial decisions

Feelings of being rushed or agitated to make more money

Paying bills late

Making decision on what will ‘make’ you more money as opposed to what feel right for you and your values

Feeling ‘held back’ in your biz dreams, because of lack of cash flow


++ Easeful money ++

Financial clarity so you work from a proactive instead of reactive position in financial decision

Transparency at your fingertips on your overall financial well-being

Making your spontaneous decisions feeling empowered instead of disheartened

You create ease in your finances when you set solid foundations for your cash flow

Profitability in each of your products services or offerings becomes a priority

Financial goals are based on your values from a place of authenticity

Distractions and financial leaks are removed or reduced from your business finances

You celebrate financial steps forward that take you to a place that feel good

Tax and unexpected expenses have been accounted for

You spend in line with your values and priorities

You give yourself space and time to adequately and genuinely become curious about the cash in your business


Easeful money is possible for all businesses and business owners, but you first need to be clear on the dream you’re chasing. With time and space put aside and the right road map you can start to address your decisions and systems, as well as your financial beliefs to create the financial life that you ultimately hope for and deserve.

I would love to hear if you have any other thoughts around what would create more ease in your business finances?




Lynda James financial strategist and accountant for women in biz.


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