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Hey there, I’m Lynda.

You’ll probably notice, I’m not your usual grey-suited accountant. I don’t do taxes, instead I help you navigate the modern world of business and finance. 

I help business owners ‘uncomplicate’ their business finances, create choices around making more money and shape their business to fit in with their lives.

My philosophy is that small businesses have been the foundation of thriving communities for a very long time and are the change we are seeking in the world. But to do this they need to be sustainable, the days of hustling are over. And they need to be profitable, our financial health gives power to our choices. 

Articles to make and manage money your own way.

Choosing The Key Elements Of Your Business

Choosing The Key Elements Of Your Business

Many businesses begin when we see a product, service or knowledge gap in the marketplace and decide we have the skills or desire to fill it.  You start with the product or service, work out a price and then get it into the hands of the customer. You make sure that...

How To Know If You’re Experiencing A Biz-Life Crisis

How To Know If You’re Experiencing A Biz-Life Crisis

  I started talking and writing about Biz-Life Crises when I noticed that the way we are running our businesses was starting to impact our health, relationships and lives. The entrepreneur's dream could no longer sustain these clients that were approaching me....

Why Focusing On Your Financial Wellness Is A Radical Act

Why Focusing On Your Financial Wellness Is A Radical Act

In a world where debt and financial stress is the norm, being financially well is a radical act. It is the start of a grassroots movement. A way to exercise our economic power.  I was chatting with two business owners recently and I mentioned my reason for switching...

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