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Hey there, I’m Lynda.

You’ll probably notice, I’m not your usual grey-suited accountant.

I don’t do taxes, instead I help you navigate the modern world of business and finance. It’s no fun doing it alone.

I’m also a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, I focus on not only the practical accounting side of business, I can also help step you through a framework to uncover your money story, beliefs and behaviours that may be challenging where you want to grow to in business.

I help business owners ‘uncomplicate’ their business finances, create choices around making more money and shape their business to fit in with their lives.

My philosophy is that small businesses have been the foundation of thriving communities for a very long time and are the change we are seeking in the world. How we make and spend our money is a vote for our future. But to do this they need to be sustainable, the days of hustling are over. And business need to be profitable, our financial health gives power to our choices. 

Articles to make and manage money your own way.

What Does Doubt Have To Do With You + Money? {EFC Series – Part 5}

What Does Doubt Have To Do With You + Money? {EFC Series – Part 5}

"Our relationship to self-confidence and doubt is one of the most important elements to address when looking at the expanding of our Financial Capacity." We've been peeling open the layers and layers to this puzzle I've called our Financial Capacity. And this, our...

Do you know a not-for-profit or social enterprise start-up that needs some help with financial strategy or customised reporting? I allocate time monthly to volunteer to help those, who help others. Please head here to contact me about this support.


I write emails about making and managing money in business when you're a kind, considerate and empathetic business owner. I speak about our monetary behaviour and practical finance business advice. We look at money from all angles.

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