Financial strategy and insights for: 

Business owners and financial decision makers in business who wish to design sustainable and profitable businesses.

Hey, I’m Lynda.

You’ll probably notice, I’m not your usual grey-suited accountant. I don’t do taxes, instead I help to ‘uncomplicate’ the financial world of business. 

I believe business owners can design sustainable, profitable businesses. A well designed business can assist us to not compromise our lives, lifestyle, health or relationships in order to make a living.

If you feel that you’re not ‘good with numbers’, struggle to make financial decisions or you’re sick of hustling to make more sales to make ends meet, then we can change that. You can discover the story your business numbers are telling you about the health of your business to make more money, create more ease and price your products and services with confidence.

Articles to make and manage money your own way.

A Minimalist Approach To Making And Managing Money In Your Business

One of my goals is to help business owners make and manage money in their business, their own way, all while designing sustainable and profitable businesses. The key word here is sustainable. Our businesses should not negatively impact our lives, health, others or the...

A 6 Month Business Money Plan

"He explained that he had calculated what he needed to make in profit in order to cover his cost of living and put a decent amount of money into investments. He had figured out the amount of wealth he needed to be comfortable...past that, he didn't need any more money...

Why Financial Goals May Not Be Motivating You In Business

We are running businesses in an era where we are being told higher revenue, bigger goals and infinite growth are indicators of success. Yet there a trend that financial goals are no longer motivating business owners on a day-to-day basis.  During a strategy session or...


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