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If you’ve spent endless hours setting up your business and working super hard to make sales, when it comes to getting your financials sorted, you hope hiring a bookkeeper and doing your tax is enough.

I’m here to let you know, this is only 1 of 3 important tasks you need to do.

(Don’t stress, tax and bookkeeping is a great start. But now it’s time to expand your financial horizon.)



The necessary tasks that are generally required by law or the tax office.

So, what does ‘necessary’ look like? Preparation for Business Activity Statements (BAS) or income tax. These must be completed by law.

Questions to ask yourself if you wish to make these tasks feel lighter:



These types of tasks could all be captured in a Monthly Financial Review which you can add to your business’s financial rhythm. They are all centered around pulling together how the business went the month before. You could consider asking yourself: 

These questions will make a lot more sense if you start writing down or tracking how much you sell and spend month by month. You can use this template.


Fill this in for a few months and see if you can see any patterns.

This simple reflective exercise for income can become invaluable as your business grows.

It can also be replicated for your expenses.

What have you noticed? Did anything stand out to you?

Have a look at the way you keep and store your business receipts and how you track how much money you make. Keep it at hand, in your office or on your phone to make this task quick and easy at the end of each month, and it will start to transform how you view your business.



Planning tasks are next level! This is when you know you are no longer just keeping the ball rolling, but you’ve taken the time to stop and think about ‘how can I financially set this business up to achieve what I dream it can?’ Yet, this task is usually the one most business owners never quite find the time to do!

All your proactive. future-focused financial tasks like forecasts/budgets and goal-setting fall in this category.

You might recognise these are the ones where you say, “I want this result, so now I’m going to do these things.” 

These tasks may only need to occur quarterly to be highly effective.

How do you do this?

Set aside a few hours to pull together your financial information as mentioned in task 2. This is the breakdown of money coming in and money going out, by category and month.

Then you start asking yourself some questions:

Putting PLANNING it into practice 


Step 1.

Use a month by month tracker.

Step 2.

List what you think will happen or what you would like to happen in the next 6-12 months. Estimates are totally ok!

Use your REFLECTIVE exercise above to show the patterns between months and timing of when expenses come in.

These will help with your estimates. Do you order enough product for 3 months and then not have to purchase again till next quarter?

Once this is filled in, sit back and have a look at this. Are you happy with what you see? Is there anything you would like to change? Do you think you need to make more sales, increase your prices, introduce another income stream or product to earn what you would like to earn? Or are there any expenses you could reduce?

This is your chance to see the big financial picture!


Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules on how and when you complete these tasks. If you can introduce some accountability partners or other business friends to join you, then it’s much easier to stick to doing these important financial tasks.

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