Hey there, I’m Lynda, I’m not your usual grey-suited accountant and I don’t do taxes.

Whether you’re here to move towards your personal or business financial goals, to deal with challenging financial patterns or behaviours or just to tweak your relationship with money to use it more consciously, I’m glad you’re here. 

Money is something we can’t really avoid.

It’s a survival need and is entwined with our relationships, working lives, health and energy and leisure time. 

It’s all connected.

But quite often we don’t realise that we’re not managing money, we’re managing our behaviour around money. 

My two areas of specialty focus on this philosophy, backed by neuroscience.

1. Money Coaching

After years of working in the monetary field, I’ve observed many quirky and peculiar behaviours around money that don’t always serve us or what we want for our lives; and the weirdest thing is that a lot of the time, we’re not even consciously aware that we’re doing it. That’s why after completing my Accounting Masters Degree I went on to further study financial behaviour and trained as a Certified Money Coach® to help individuals, couples and businesses have better relationships with their financial lives.

Money coaching is centred around your inner world of money. Your hardwired patterns, beliefs and upbringing that can either help or hinder you achieving your financial goals, whether that be a simple plan to pay off a house, have a decent wage, a bit of savings and few holidays or something much bigger. 

Money Coaching is suitable for individuals, couples and business owners and if the sound of  Money Coaching has piqued your interest then have an in depth read about it here

2.Uncomplicating Business Finances

I work with business owners on profit strategies, relieving them from being underpaid, sorting out pricing and creating money plans with special focus on profit and cash flow.

I have taken my years of experiences from working in a multi-billion dollar corporation and have distilled down to just the necessary things a privately owned business should do to be well financially.

When we combine these two things; money coaching + accounting support, what we get is a business owner with great strategy, optimal pricing and the ability and capacity to enact the steps necessary to run their own Good Life Business.

Can we do money in a new way?

We’ve been sold the idea that emotions don’t belong in the money or business realm and that a ‘wealthy’ person looks a particular way. We’ve also been told to only use data and facts. But I’m here to say that this is changing. I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes of many businesses. We can do ‘money’ in a new way. A way that considers how it feels to make the financial decision. A way that considers people and the plant as well as profit. A way where money feels regenerative and health-giving, not depleting. But this takes doing both the inner and outer work required.

I have experience in working with many different people, couples and every kind of business. From startups to beyond millions, and I use my knowledge of behavioural finance and accounting to:

  • Help people unravel challenging emotions, patterns and feelings about money, then go ask for that pay rise or increase prices and profit.
  • Help couples create vibrant financial futures together, have calm and considered money conversations and feel like they’re on the same page together when it comes to money.
  • Help business owners to create great business models, offers and profitable prices for business owners to no longer feel overworked and underpaid, to go live their own version of a Good Life Business.

If this is something you’d like help with, feel free to book in a call with me.