hey! i’m lynda,


An accountant, business analyst, financial strategist who spends her days helping business owners who are currently NOT loving their business finances begin to love them again.

This looks different for different people, it may be you’re feeling a bit stagnant and just wish to uplevel where you’re at. Or hope to create a whole new lifestyle for yourself. Your business is the vehicle for how you live.

Sometimes, managing it all feels too much, and you’re after some simple systems and strategies to bring more calm and clarity into your life.

It could be that you’re so busy running the business, you need efficiencies and insights or just some of the work done for you. It can even be that finance- is not your thing.

At the end of the day, my work is centred around assisting businesses make money and make a difference. 

I’ve noticed when a business owner is not being held back by their financial situation, they not only survive, they help everyone else thrive!

My goal is to let you know that:

  • you don’t need to be a numbers nerd or maths genius to nail your business finances
  • many people need more financial clarity in their lives and business for better decision making
  • you may need financial insights or tactics and a couple customised reports for you (not the tax man)
  • that you can feel financially free or successful at any bank balance or revenue level
  • financial goals entwined with your values can help you create a great financial roadmap for your business
  • accountants use ‘tools’ like budgets, forecasts and analysis to help businesses move closer to where they want to be, but a good accountant will work out which ‘tools’ suit you, your business and your goals
  • and last but not least, I’m not your usual (grey-suited) accountant, I don’t do tax

I know for certain that there is a ripple effect when business owners master their finances in line with THEIR values, they not only feel great, but communities thrive, wealth amplifies and ultimately, everyone benefits.


So, how did I work this out?

After a decade in the corporate arena in a large global company, I had the experience under my belt to know that clear, goal-focused financial analysis, guidance and reporting was what was propelling them to be even more successful. I realised the key to businesses growing was clarity and making great financial decisions, with less risk!

As all good things happen in life, my circumstances changed (hello kiddies! I became a mother…), and decided it was time I refocused and applied this knowledge to work directly with business owners. The people on the ground that didn’t have access (previously) to business analysts and accountants that talk cash flow and profitability all day. Because without available cash or profit, no business does well…

And I knew that with the complexity of the financial environment changing, these types of businesses needed help. So here we are, all mingling in this exciting time of tech-savvy, the times are changing, social + digital, you-can-be-what-you-want kinda world. Where I can be you’re financial side-kick and you can go kick ass with your big vision, guiding you in the right direction.

I’ve come to realise that working directly with business owners is now the main focus for me, to make swift, impactful changes. 

++ And so VALO FINANCIAL was born ++

But why ‘Valo’? It means LIGHT in Finnish (yes, Finland, I used to live there, what can I say about this amazing winter wonderland?). But ultimately we’re all here to shine a light and help find some clarity, right?

So, if like me, you like to chat (even about your business finances), please contact me. I’m right here!

                            Lynda James- financial strategist and accountant for business owners wanting to uplevel and make more money, to focus on what really matters.

Lynda is the financial strategist and accountant behind Valo Financial, she helps business owners ‘uncomplicate’ their finances and uplevel their business to make more money and a bigger impact, so they can focus on what really matters.

She is a CPA who has degrees in International Business and Accounting. Lynda spent more than a decade in the corporate arena and now focuses on guiding passionate business owners to reach the next level of their business. With Lynda’s guidance many businesses find their own growth and impact amplifies in a way that simply suits them.