Hi my name is Lynda. I’m the accountant and business analyst behind Valo Financial. 

I help business owners make and manage money differently.

 I work with businesses to ‘uncomplicate’ business finances, focusing on increasing profitability and cash flow and designing sustainable businesses.

I believe the financial landscape is more confusing than it needs to be and that you don’t need to be a ‘numbers nerd’ to make great financial decisions in your business.

And that running your own business shouldn’t compromise your health or lifestyle.

A little backstory…

I used to be corporate accountant, providing business and financial analysis for over a decade in a large global company. I had the experience under my belt to know that clear, goal-focused financial analysis, guidance and reporting was what was propelling them to be even more successful.

But a time came when at my corporate job, each year we were talking about making another $20 million on top of the existing $200 million profit. And outside of ‘work’ I was being asked by friends with businesses, people in my community and small business owners how to understand the financial health of their business and make better business decisions.  

After juggling the two, I eventually came to realise in my work I wanted more flexibility, autonomy and to make a bigger impact. So I decided to finish up in the corporate world, and move over to solely help small businesses.

I realised that as every small business started to financially thrive, it not only made their lives better but the lives of everyone around them.

And so Valo Financial came about. 

I now spend my time working from different locations as my family and I travel and live throughout Europe. I work monthly with busy business owners who want an accountant’s eyes on their financials and to know their finances in a snapshot. I also work 1:1 in consultations to help small business owners become unstuck around topics such as pricing, business and income design that compliments their desired lifestyle and creating easeful financial systems.

Lynda is the financial strategist and accountant behind Valo Financial, she helps business owners ‘uncomplicate’ their finances and uplevel their business to make more money and a bigger impact, so they can focus on what really matters.

She is a CPA who has degrees in International Business and Accounting. Lynda spent more than a decade in the corporate arena and now focuses on guiding passionate business owners to reach the next level of their business. With Lynda’s guidance many businesses find their own growth and impact amplifies in a way that simply suits them.


As business owners we don't have a lot of time for scrolling social media.

Therefore, I share how you can master your financial decision making to stay in line with your values and goals, nail your business design to be profitable and make money enjoyable and manageable via emails direct to your inbox.