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My Good Life Business philosophy

What a difference a few years and a world event can make. Hybrid working is now a thing. Flexibility has been brought into focus. And the human behind the work has come to the forefront.

I’m writing today sitting at my desk reflecting upon the changes to working conditions globally over the 2020-2022 period. And wondering:

Have we gone far enough?

Are we living better?

Are we making the changes needed to bring down stress and health issues associated with overwork?

What I know for sure in my own accounting and business coaching practice is that small to medium business owners are not necessarily better off. They are dealing with juggling many balls, thinking about work outside of work while trying to ensure that all the bills are paid.

And I see them often downplaying the struggles they are facing, the things I call a Biz-Life Crisis. Giving up lunch breaks and exercise, less time with loved ones or we’re distracted when we are with them and making decisions that are not in our best interest. Working late, missing social engagements or worrying about money.

In our current environment often the exchange for affording shelter, food and clothing with the occasional holiday is often so big, we have nothing left, minimal time and energy to do all the things that matter to us, the things that we worked so much for in the first place.

That’s why this practice focuses on what I call Good Life Businesses.