What do accountants really do?


FACT: Most small private businesses think accountants just do tax.

REALITY: Large corporate businesses invest more money in OTHER types of accountants and finance staff than tax accountants. Sorry to say it, but where I’ve worked there are ‘numbers’ people that do reports for managers, analysis on potential revenue scenarios, product and pricing tracking and people running the figures on how much money is made daily, or by sales channel, or by country, well… by any variable really.


Why am I telling you this?

I’ve spent the last few years getting really clear on what I REALLY do.

What am I providing here?

What problem am I solving?

I’m in the business of providing financial guidance, reassurance and insights so business owners can run their businesses profitably in a way that suits them. I believe every business (not just massive corporate ones) deserve someone to check out their numbers, or teach them how to understand the story their numbers are telling them and smash their financial goals because they get this stuff!


So what problem are accountants solving?

In the large corporate space, the majority are providing reassurance and strategy to operational leaders to make better business decisions. Devising a way to reach a business goals through understanding the STORY numbers are telling.


In the smaller, private sector a lot of time discussions with accountant’s centre around tax. But it’s time for this to shift. Tax is important, let’s not forget that, but doesn’t need to be the sole topic when talking about your business cash.


(FYI- in Australia, a small business is one earning under $2 million in turnover a year, I don’t think you’re small if you’re in this bracket- the tax department does… just to clarify)


What should you discuss with your accountant?




>> What would you recommend doing to make more money, through an easier path?

>> What can I do differently to reduce my financial stress?

>> What stands out for you as something that needs to change?

>> If this was your business what would you check monthly?

>> What’s the easiest way/ best report to check my important numbers (at a glance)?


I’m all for setting up your business cash systems and strategies in a way that feel uncomplicated and logical. There’s no need to have overwhelm or confusion here. Ask an accountant for some more help, it’s time to expect more financial guidance to grow your business.


That’s why I devised the FREE quiz, called Your Profit Path. Every business needs to really understand their finances, not in a time-consuming, confusing kinda way, but in a way that suits you and makes sense to you.


What do you normally ask your accountant (that isn’t about tax)? And what do you plan to ask them next time you catch up? They have a wealth of knowledge, use it to your advantage. Let me know your thoughts below!




P.S. Did you know I help businesses 1:1? If you need a little extra help, let’s chat.

And if you want to grow your business in a sustainable way- check out the Your Profit Path Quiz.





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