Financial Foundations: The Essentials a 4-part Video Series


What do we really need to do as business owners, to see that our finances are taken care of?

I’ve created a video series for you, to skip all the fluff, get straight to the point so you can focus on the most straightforward way to tackle making and managing money, your own way.

VIDEO ONE: Financial skills for business owners


“Financial skills” as a term can feel off-putting. But believe me, these aren’t the usual skills we told we need. These are really getting at the core of understanding where we may have skills gaps or places we could outsource some quality help.

Find the downloadable to complete here.

VIDEO TWO: The ONE rule of financial decision making


Financial decision making can be overwhelming, confusing or just scary. What if we stuff up?

Here is one simple rule to help with stay focussed, but as always, the monetary impact isn’t the only consideration. So the cavet is, always take into consideration people and the planet as well as the $$$.

For prompts, see page 2 of the Video 4 booklet below.

VIDEO THREE: A business finance framework.


For some business owners, just using the term business finaces feels a little vague. What does that even mean? Asking for money, managing money, investing money?

Here is a little vidoe to explain the way I see business finances.

And here is a downloadable for you.

These are the foundational must-have’s for any business. When it’s time to pull your socks up, ensure you’ve covered the basics and have set yourself up to grow. These are the three points to cover and set yourself up for fruitful year.

Summary booklet for video’s 2,3,4.



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