Doing Business, Better. {Conversation with a BrandWhisperer}


Have you wondered why conventional business advice doesn’t seem to feel like a good fit for you?

Or it feels a bit awkward or difficult for you, but fine for other business owners?

Potentially, that advice or strategy is not right for you!

Today Naomi Gora from Brandwhisperers and I sit down and speak about our observations using our own self-awareness and self-naviagtion tools like Personality Typing as a way to access a better, more true-self-way to do business.

We speak about what we’ve observed when it comes to going against what conventional business and instead us personality types to guide:

– business design, business models and offers

– making and managing money

– branding and marketing

And how by embracing your uniqueness, your unique way of doing business is can become more easeful and profitable!


Listen to an accountant and marketer speak about business strategy




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