How To Know If You’re Experiencing A Biz-Life Crisis


I started talking and writing about Biz-Life Crises when I noticed that the way we are running our businesses was starting to impact our health, relationships and lives. The entrepreneur’s dream could no longer sustain these clients that were approaching me. They were actually in entrepreneurial survival mode. 

There were varying symptoms, such as exhaustion from the many hours worked, or financial difficulty due to lack of income or expense ‘leaks’. Business owners were skipping cherished family activities to get all the work done. Others were feeling overbooked, overworked and underpaid. 

The direct impact that our business can have on our life is immense.

When did we begin having to choose between our business or our lives?

When did we have to start compromising our values to make a business viable?

As I pulled together the clients’ cases and experimented with different business models with them, I realised that we are in an epidemic of Biz-Life Crisis

Mostly due to not intentionally designing how we are going to structure the way we intend to have income come into our business, in a way that fits in with our lives, personalities and values.

>> We feel exhausted when our energy and time are zapped due to long work hours, or working when it doesn’t suit us:

Are you an early riser working into the night to suit a client?

When we work in an environment that isn’t good for our health:

Do you sit at a computer all day but you’re an outdoorsy person?

When we’re servicing customers in a way that doesn’t suit our personality:

Are you quiet by nature but your business is currently based in an energetic environment around many people?

These are the tell-tale signs that something’s not quite right. 

I’ve found that tweaking (or overhauling) our business model, the structure or framework of how our businesses bring in income, can be one of the most useful ways we can bring our livelihood back in line with our lifestyle. 


Can you see where your business might be making you put your life in the backseat?

Can you feel where your health is being jeopardised for your income?

Or are you moving priorities or boundaries to fit in more work?

This is your own starting point to explore where you can design your own sustainable business.

If you need help going through this process, check out how I work with business owners to pivot or overhaul their business model. To intentionally create a livelihood that works with your desired lifestyle.



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