A 6 Month Business Money Plan

"He explained that he had calculated what he needed to make in profit in order to cover his cost of living and put a decent amount of money into investments. He had figured out the amount of wealth he needed to be comfortable...past that, he didn't need any more money...

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Why Financial Goals May Not Be Motivating You In Business

We are running businesses in an era where we are being told higher revenue, bigger goals and infinite growth are indicators of success. Yet there a trend that financial goals are no longer motivating business owners on a day-to-day basis.  During a strategy session or...

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Benefits Of A Monthly Financial Review

I've explained to many clients the benefits of creating a practice of a monthly financial review in your business. Not only does it give you a great birds-eye view on what is happening in your business. It encourages business owners to pause and reflect on how the...

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How Do I Price My Products And Services?

Pricing your products and services as a business owner can be a confusing task. But I hope to clear it up with a post to give an overview on how you can do it confidently, your way. With your 'End Goal' in mind, for you, your customers and how you want your...

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How Can I Increase My Prices?

  There are times in business that we feel we can't increase our prices any higher. And without the increase in prices, we may not reach our desired income levels, or provide for the lifestyle we wish to live.   There are times when we work locally, and the local...

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How Money Is Changing

  I've noticed that money management nowadays has become confusing, unclear and overwhelming. It is no longer a mere exchange of coins and notes at the same time we receive a product or service.   HAVE YOU NOTICED SOME OF THE CHANGES? Money has changed and...

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A Quick Pricing Calculation

  There are times when you can over-think financial decisions in your business, to your detriment. Pricing decisions and strategy is a topic that commonly causes business owners a few headaches. It can lead to procrastination in putting out your new offer or...

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Business Financials: From Not Sure To Nailing It

Business financials can be well... confusing or overwhelming. And it's not generally taught to new business owners, or seasoned ones. It's through trial and error that most business owners work out their own 'rule-of-thumb' when it comes to making and managing money...

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4 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder

In today’s world, we spend a lot of time in business focusing on volume of sales. Have you walked into a shopping centre and checked out the clothes racks lately? They are so full, hangers fall to the floor as you try to take one off the shelf. This high-volume world...

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3 Must-Do Financial Tasks

If you’ve spent endless hours setting up your business and working super hard to make sales, when it comes to getting your financials sorted, you hope hiring a bookkeeper and doing your tax is enough. I’m here to let you know, this is only 1 of 3 important tasks you...

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5 Unusual Roles of an Accountant

This may sound familiar...   You've started a business and the first 'tax period' comes around. So you head off to your tax accountant with your shoe box full of receipts. The tax accountant tells you to see a bookkeeper to get your books in order so you're less...

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Your Monthly Financial Review

  I'm just finishing up my Monthly Reporting clients and we've been discussing how last month went. It's a process we go through every month. Sitting down and discussing what worked and what didn't work. What are the figures telling us, what is the financial...

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The Micro Effect – Small Decisions, Big Results!

THINK SMALL, SERIOUSLY. There’s not many finance professionals out there that tell you to 'think small', but on this occasion, I am! For good reason though – it has taken many ‘micro’ decisions to get where you are today in life and business. Thousands of decisions,...

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Why Managing Cash in Your Business is Getting Harder

MONEY IN, MONEY OUT – IT’S THAT EASY, RIGHT? Cash flow management can be one of the trickiest parts of running a business. Even well established businesses get this wrong. Without available cash, how do you make good business decisions? Your choices are limited. HOW...

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6 Lessons from Lean Times

I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that many of my clients make their way into my business life when their financial situation doesn’t feel as good as they want it to. I would say that the majority of the clients I work closely with begin when they’re in a position...

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