Do we need to choose between

our Business and our Life?


An in-depth consultation with an accountant that prioritises how as business owner you can create a sustainable and profitable business.

A Business Design Consultation helps solves these challenges:

  • Hustling to the point of exhaustion.

  • Feeling overbooked and underpaid.

  • Selling many products and/or services but not taking home much pay.

  • Skipping family occasions to get work done.

  • Emotional and physical health being impacted by work.

  • The desired work-for-yourself dream lifestyle is always out of reach.

  • Important values or agreements are compromised in decision making.


This Business Design consultation offers you:

  • Ways to increase your income, without burning out.

  • Identifying the main areas of your business that feels constricting or draining.

  • Guidance in reshaping your business income to be more sustainable and profitable.

  • Semi-leveraged or hybrid business model suggestions to earn income that supports your values.

  • Insights into creating more choices on how to earn income in your business.

  • Suggestions on how to remove reliance on always having to sell more or work more, to make more profit.


The Business Design consultation is for you if:

  • You are conscious that your existing business model is not working for you.

  • You don’t want to wait till you hit a particular revenue level to finally have your life back.

  • You feel good about being the architect of your own business.

  • You don’t subscribe to the idea that owning your own business has to be hard, draining work.

  • You don’t believe being an introvert or having had health issues should prevent you from having your own version of a successful business.

  • You feel that you shouldn’t have to pick between your desired livelihood and your desired lifestyle.

My experience with Lynda was nothing short of amazing. I received so much value, insight and ideas to re-tweak my business model. Lynda analyses a business effortlessly and accurately. She didn’t leave a stone unturned questioning assumptions I had created and understood my business model complexity when few have been able to. Lynda has a vast knowledge base with skills to match, also going the extra mile to call upon her network when other experts are needed.

She’s a gold mine and I highly recommend anyone to start digging!

Symmone Gordon

Creative Director, Visionary Ventures


1 – 60 minute consultation on Zoom

A customised plan to continue to use to implement changes

Any templates, spreadsheets or calculations required

Email support for 4 weeks from date of consultation

 Consultation + Email support price: $220 AUD

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“Our culture has taught us that we should multiply our effort to maximise our reward. But a sustainable business—one that is viable because it delights customer and creator alike, doesn’t always depend on exponential growth.

– Bernadette Jiwa


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