Livelihood and Lifestyle Consultation

Do we need to choose between

our Business and our Life?

As business owners we sometimes wake up to a ‘Biz-Life Crisis’. How did we build a business that has taken over our lives?

Each ‘Biz-Life Crisis’ differs, whether it is working day and night to make ends meet.

Or facing exhaustion and overwhelm even though you’re making good money. 

Either way, you know something needs to give, you can’t continue like this.

the livelihood and lifestyle consultation came about to solve these issues for business owners:

  • They are looking to stop hustling or working to the bone to make a living.
  • They are done with making good money, but not having a life. 
  • They can’t remember the last time they made it to a family occasion or planned a holiday without doing hours overtime before leaving.
  • The are aware their business is impacting their health, and not in a good way.
  • They have built a business that doesn’t fit with the lifestyle they now want to live. 

The Livelihood and Lifestyle Business Consultation will help you:

  • Become clear on the type of business that suits your personality and lifestyle.
  • Devise a way of business including income streams that work with your lifestyle, instead of against it.
  • Incorporate elements in your business that give you energy, rather than drain you of energy.
  • Create a business that is financially sustainable without always having to increase prices.
  • Give you a choice over the way in which you do business, so as to not affect your health.


This Consultation Is For You If:

  • You are conscious that your existing business model is not working for you. 
  • You don’t want to wait till you hit a particular revenue level to finally have your life back.
  • You feel good about being the architect of your own business.
  • You don’t subscribe to the idea that owning your own business has to be hard, draining work.
  • You don’t believe being an introvert, having had health issues or lower energy levels should prevent you from having your own version of a successful business.
  • You feel that you shouldn’t have to pick between your desired livelihood and your desired lifestyle. 




1 x 60 minute consultation on Zoom

Your own Livelihood and Lifestyle Business Model action plan

Email support for 4 weeks from date of consultation

 Consultation + Email support price: $220 AUD

Please email to book a call.

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