Are you wanting more?


It might be more time. It may be more profit. Or more of life.

Yet as a business owner, you need to carefully consider how to navigate this.

There are times when we want more from our business, without working more or giving up what’s important to us. I believe, this requires a special kind of plan…

The Business Upgrade Plan

You might be experiencing these challenges:

· a desire to grow your income without growing your workload

· you may be honing in on bigger dreams for your life or business and you are not sure the best path to take to achieve this

· you may have a definite goal, but you need a plan how to get there

· you may be feeling like your business is reaching a more mature stage, and you want more of your time back

· family or friends may be telling you, those big dreams you have just aren’t possible

You may be seeking:

· professional analysis and guidance on the best path to take based on your goals, personality and values

· help identifying the most profitable products or services you offer

· a grounded actionable plan, with figures and a spreadsheet in a simple understandable way

· accountability, tips and strategies to make achieving your goal more likely

· suggestions to unlink your income from an hourly rate (if serviced-based)

· an experience accountant to listen and appraise all your ideas and thoughts around your business and profitability

· helping filling your financial knowledge gaps to help this ‘upgrade’ come to life on your terms

This consultation is for you if:

· you are willing to take on advice and experiment with changes in your business

· you are prepared to take action, even if it feels a little uncomfortable or appears to be ‘against the grain’

· you want to increase your financial acumen and step into the role of being the financial leader of your business

· you believe that simple plans can still be highly effective and profitable

· you are happy to spend time reflecting on your true desires for this type of growth or change in your business


The Business Upgrade Plan includes:

3 x 60 min consultations on Zoom

A grounded, actionable plan focused on your desired ‘upgrades’

Email support including up to 4 weeks after your final session


(payment plans available)

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