Business Minimalism To Prevent Burnout With Alana Jade


How can we design our business to ensure it doesn’t impact our health, relationships and lives?

Have you also noticed the epidemic of burnt-out business owners?

When do we decide enough is enough and make the change?

How do we start making changes that really make an impact to our time, energy and money?

Alana is not only soulful and strategic Squarespace website designer for free-spirited women at Alana Jade Studio, she also has a knack for understanding and creating an intentionally designed business. Today we sat down and had a conversation around how we can create and build a business that looks after our health and relationships, prevents burnout.

She views her business design and strategy through the lens of Business Minimalism. This has been a key component in her shift in creating business that allows her more freedom and profit.

In this conversation we also speak about Alana’s idea that we are facing an epidemic of moral burnout, a detachment from ourselves in the pursuit of capitalist ‘success’. She has a fantastic story around discovering what it meant to her, to choose her life and health before her business after paying the heavy price of not doing so, but as a result she has created an intentional suite of offerings that meld her values and priorities with her customer needs. Through trial and error she is creating her own Sustainable and Profitable business.

If you would like to hear about Alana’s…

… business journey from hard work and little pay to burnout and then intentional business design

… her thoughts on business minimalism

her signature offering that has been the culmination of all this experiential discovery, incorporating a part pre-made, part-customised affordable website

…as well as her thoughts on the epidemic of burnout we’re seeing business owners and the antidote,

head this way to enjoy the conversation!


BUSINESS MINIMALISM to prevent burnout with Alana Jade:


One of the big pro’s of simplifying, applying minimalism our offers is that you become a master at it. It is repetitive and replicatable. And then there is space to keep value-adding.

Alana Jade



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