Apparently You Gotta ‘Charge What You’re Worth’

I believe it’s time to stop saying ‘Charge What You’re Worth’ and instead say ‘Charge what is necessary for a sustainable and profitable business.’
Have you noticed all these cute memes around that say “Charge what you’re worth and add tax”? Disclaimer: when I first started working online more, I may have said this also…
Until I realised, after working with many business owners face-to-face, talking intimately about how they feel about money and their businesses, that this was actually causing more harm than good.
When you run a service-based business, it can be difficult to feel confident in finding your own way of pricing services and digital products. You are so much a part of your business that you begin to feel like you’re pricing yourself.
👉 Except you’re not.

What you are pricing is the cost of providing the service, not your worth. Your pricing should reflect what it actually costs to run a sustainable, profitable business. However you see fit.
What does this include?
– The expenses related to running a business.
– Proper support that’s required, professional, administrative or mentoring.
– All the tech, equipment or requirements to do what you do best.
– Remuneration for your time.
– Paying tax.
– Preempting large bills, replacement of tech, anything you need to keep your business going.
– Any planned surplus profit.
You see, this is not what you’re worth. (You’re worth so much more than this list of expenses and financial items.)
So let’s stop saying ‘Charge what you’re worth’ and instead focus on designing sustainable and profitable businesses.
What do you think?


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