Choosing Yourself

“While the Giver archetype is celebrated in our culture, the Receiver is almost wholly unknown. The result? Busy-ness is a virtue.” Amanda Owens.

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If I was to ask you to rate yourself out of 10, how good are you at receiving, what would you answer?

And if you had to rate yourself out of 10 for giving, what would you say?

Most kind, considerate or empathetic business owners, always rate their ability to give higher than their ability to receive. As a culture we don’t even use the word receiving, we say ‘take’. You give and take. It has a different feeling to it, doesn’t it? Take, not receive.

I bring this up because I see many businesses being NOT sustainable (or truly profitable), as in the business owner is overworked, underpaid or overwhelmed because of this social conditioning that we need to give more than we take (receive).

This is the absolute foundation of creating a business that allows you to have a life outside of work, to be present with your kids, to have space for hobbies and interests as well as having a good livelihood. But without addressing this imbalance, we can’t create sustainable businesses.

For this reason, I sat down with Keri Krieger. Her work is varied as a life coach and acupuncturist. Keri has most recently been a little ‘disruptive’… she’s experimenting with bucking the trend, addressing aspects of what I call the Epidemic of Martyrdom, and proposing a different way forward for women.

Keri Krieger: Choosing Yourself for the sake of your life and business.

For the audio version, head here. For more about Keri’s thoughts check out her article here.



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