Mastering Financial Decision Making


A 6-part audio series

Making powerful choices, acting in congruence with your goals and taking intentional steps in the direction you’re heading… requires making sound financial decisions when you run a business. Yet, it’s something that is never spoken about, let alone discussed or taught. Till now…

Becoming aware of and understanding how we go about making financial decisions is ONE of the most impactful steps we can take when we own our own business.

My intention at Valo Financial is to help as many privately owned businesses uncover and discover their own version of a sustainable and profitable business. One that supports them both financially and in many other ways such as keeping them healthy, engaged in important relationships and enjoying life outside of work and in their community.

So please join me for this casual, yet insightful conversation around

Mastering Financial Decision Making:

Making powerful choices to create your own financial reality.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

– Victor Frankl

If you’re not sure if listening, examining and pondering on these discussion points is for you then I’ll let you know that I’ve recorded this for business owners who want a more sustainable livelihood and to feel financially-well and thriving but also experience…

  • They may experience doubt or indecision when it comes to their business finances or personal financial life
  • They may plan often and then act differently in the moment
  • They may feel powerless in financial discussion or negotiations
  • They may notice at times they appear naive or not sure around others
  • They may sometimes feel regret or resentful after the fact, the financial decision or purchase
  • They may take others advice over their own instincts often, they’ve lost trust in their own capability to make financial decisions
  • They may be just getting by, or often circle back to only ever having just enough in their business, or feel they have hit a plateau


For some, financial decision-making looks much easier for others and they wonder why it feels clunky or uncomfortable in their business or life?

Part ONE- the WHO, WHAT, WHEN AND WHY of Financial Decision-Making.

This first audio is to give context around this topic.

What is Financial Decision-Making? When are we actually making decisions? And I also cover WHY should we even pay attention to HOW we make decisions! 

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world” – Howard Zinn

These are simply ideas and discussion-starters. Let’s start bringing some attention and intention to MAKING POWERFUL CHOICES into our business and financial lives.

Part TWO- The HOW of Financial Decision-Making. 

How do we actually make decisions? How does our mind and body respond during this process? What part of us, or who within us is actually making these decisions?

This is a little information about the findings in recent neuro-economic research. This helps explain the link between how we feel and how we think while we are making decisions. And interestingly bringing awareness to this can start to shift how we align our decisions to our conscious business and life desires. 

Why do people find their mind goes blank when they try to make financial decisions?

Why do we at times have such regret about a decision or wish we had chosen differently?

Why do we set a goal and strategy and then in the moment not actually do as we planned?

Check out this episode to gain more of understanding what’s happening in our inner world as we make financial decisions.

Part THREE – How Our Environment Impacts Decision-Making. 

 Click the text above for this episode!

During the modern period, individualism has been valued, but in its extreme it is isolating. Our financial decision-making and resource management is greatly impacted by this isolation (hello panic buying and hoarding!), also contributing is our dependance on large corporations for survival needs. 

Check out this audio recording to see, how is our environment impacting how you make decisions about your financial life and business?

Part FOUR – How Do Feelings About Money Impact Decision-Making.

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In this conversation I’ve covered two perspectives when it comes to how we feel about money.

1. How do we OURSELVES feel about money

In a previous series, Expanding Your Financial Capacity. We delve deep into our own perception of ourselves in more detail. As mentioned in this episode I have also recorded a conversation with Delphine O’Keefe in regards to the Inner Critic.

2. How do we feel about OTHERS and money

Considerate, empathetic business owners I’m sure you’ve considered client affordability.

How do presumptions around your client affect your business?

Discussed are a few examples from client and colleagues. Try the suggested activity to see what underlying assumption you make about money.

Part Five- Delving Deeper and further considerations in decision-making. 

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In this episode I address some additional ideas and thoughts that affect decision-making. 

They include:

– rational lies and justifications we tell ourselves

– living in a world of excess with old stories of lack, this helps explain feeling conflicted

– how can we stop purchasing or spending from an emotional place or an old pattern

Part SIX – Creating longer lasting change in our decision-making process.

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How can we make long term changes, envoke intentional financial decision-making and shift our financial reality? Check out the audio to hear thoughts on this topic!

We know that how we spend our money and which causes we champion are votes for the future we want to see.

– Bernadette Jiwa