Why Focusing On Your Financial Wellness Is A Radical Act

In a world where debt and financial stress is the norm, being financially well is a radical act. It is the start of a grassroots movement. A way to exercise our economic power. 

I was chatting with two business owners recently and I mentioned my reason for switching from the corporate world to the veritable lands of private business owners and entrepreneurs. 

It all began after I had my second child. I’d been noticing the contraction of businesses in our city. Corner stores closing, mum and dad businesses being crowded out by the big guys, a decrease in quality in the everyday goods we had been purchasing. I realised, I wanted my daughter in future years to be able to purchase all her needs in this world with choice. I didn’t want her to have only one last store to go to buy everything. 

I said to these friends with businesses, having choice where you spend your money is so important.

 But to have choice, you and I need to focus on our financial wellness. We need to be financially ‘fit’ enough that we and our businesses can survive slower times, holidays and unexpected expenses. That we can produce product and services in direct quality that we ourselves would want to receive. Created with loving care and under the philosophies and values that matter to us.

So if I didn’t help small businesses financially thrive, who would?

Having choice matters. Your business matters. Your financial wellness matters. 

This is my small act of rebellion to the changes we are seeing around us. While I still have a choice I’m going to direct my time, energy and money to businesses like yours. 


“We know how we spend our money and what we choose to get behind is a vote for the future we want to see. ” –Bernadette Jiwa


I think Bernadette worded the quote above well, the only amendment I’d make  is how we make, manage and spend our money is our vote. 

What future are you voting for?



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