Hello gorgeous business owner,

What a difference a few years and a world event can make. Hybrid working is now a thing. Flexibility has been brought into focus. And the human behind the work has come to the forefront.

I’m writing today sitting at my desk wondering have we gone far enough? Are we living better? Are we making the changes needed to bring down stress and health issues associated with overwork?

What I know for sure in my own accounting and business coaching practice is that small to medium business owners are not necessarily better off. Particularly women. They are dealing with juggling many balls, thinking about work outside of work while trying to ensure that all the bills are paid.

And I see them often downplaying the struggles they are facing, the things I call a Biz-Life Crisis.

• Giving up lunch breaks and exercise
• Less time with loved ones or we’re distracted when we are with them
• Working late
• Giving up hobbies and exercise
• Missing social engagements
or worrying about money.

In our current environment often the exchange for affording shelter, food and clothing with the occasional holiday is often so big, we have nothing left, minimal time and energy to do all the things that matter to us, the things that we worked so much for in the first place.


That’s why this practice focuses on what I call Good Life Businesses.

Good Life Businesses are not about how big a business is, we don’t see success as 7,8 or 9-figures. We also don’t believe a Laptop Lifestyle is for everyone. We also don’t subscribe to the idea that financially well business owner looks a particular way, even if Instagram may have you thinking otherwise.

A Good Life Business Owner looks just like you. And me.

They are a person who desires a business that pays them well, and allows for a good, no, great life outside of work.

Where their priorities, personality and preferences are taken into consideration when designing their business model, offers, products and services and prices.

“A Good Life Business is curated to promote rather than detract from a business owner’s desired way of working and living.”

In a world where overwhelm and exhaustion is associated with running your own business, the entrepreneurial struggle doesn’t need to be your experience.

How I can help create your Good Life Business


Practical Advice for Your Growing Business

This package is great for business owners who have momentum with cash flow and wish to grow or refine their business model, pricing, cash flow processes and profit margin to further achieve their financial goals. 

  • Professional analysis and guidance on the best path to take based on your goals, personality and values
  • Help identifying the most profitable products or services you offer
  • A grounded actionable plan, with figures and a spreadsheet in a simple understandable way
  • Accountability, tips and strategies to make achieving your goal more likely
  • Suggestions to unlink your income from an hourly rate (if serviced-based)
  • An experienced accountant to listen and appraise all your ideas and thoughts around your business and profitability
Price: $1500


Expand Your Financial Capacity

Money Coaching sessions help you understand your drivers, beliefs and patterns around money, to make implementing the required changes, conducting price reviews and increases, improve your marketing or grow profit margin even easier. These money coaching sessions assist with identifying challenging patterns or behaviours that may have kept you struggling with doing particular processes or actions or feeling guilty or shameful around making or paying yourself more money.


Price: $1500


An accountant in your back pocket

If you’re not quite sure where to start or have a simple question you’d like to have a professional run their eye over, a one hour consultation is the perfect opportunity to ask what’s front of mind in your business finances right now.

This consultation is recommended if you:

  • Have questions around cash flow and/or profit in your business
  • Are not sure on your next step. Sell more, invest in marketing or increase prices?
  • Need help pricing your next product or service
  • Would like a second set of eyes on your financial reports and improvements suggested
  • Are not sure of the best place to start making more money?
  • Aren’t sure where you need to invest in marketing to increase sales, or prices to increase your margin
  • Aren’t sure whether or not you need bookkeeping software
  • Want to know the  best reports in Xero to help understand your business and financial metrics
  • Want to know what to consider when taking on additional expenses, can you afford that VA, a new staff member or designer.
  • Would like guidance to create your own Monthly KPI’s or review process.
  • Would like to have a neutral discussion with someone about an intense financial interaction.
  • Would like help prioritising your financial tasks for the next few months.
Price: $250