A 5 month Money Group Program

for Women in Business

Feb, 2023.


Do you wish to change the financial position and direction of your business?

Would you like time to develop true confidence to be the financial leader in your business?

Is your business forcing you to really look at your relationship to money?

Over the course of the 5 months you can be guided to understand your business finances, find a more easeful and satisfying relationship with money and move through 2023 on confident and solid (financial) ground with a great group of women.

The world of money and business can be a confusing and noisy environment.

At times we can feel like we’re on a rollercoaster, rather than the captain of our own ship.

Or that we’re on an island alone, trying to figure it all out.

And for this reason, I decided to bring women in business together so we can navigate our own path, our own way, financially speaking. We no longer need to feel like we’re being taken for a ride, but that we can consciously lead, confidently make decisions and be in control of the financial reins of our business.

Illuminate will provide a supportive space and grounded guidance for creative, thoughtful and empathetic women in business to unravel challenging monetary beliefs, behaviours and patterns. To integrate and implement these changes in clear and simple monetary plans, strategies and systems that suit modern women and their lives.

This is an intimate group program of 4-6 women is part group program, part individual coaching with activities and integration time to uncomplicate and shift our inner and outer world of money.

Right now you might be thinking…

  • My business has big potential and purpose, I need to streamline my business finances to do it.
  • Money feels anxious, heavy or complicated. I feel scared I don’t have enough. It’s time to shift this.
  • I want to earn more but I don’t feel I can ask my clients to pay more for my services or products.
  • The existing way of doing money has undertones of greed and selfishness, I need to do things a different way.
  • I resist doing finance tasks such as sending invoices, looking at my bank balance and asking for late payment.
  • I feel like clients often ask too much of me, at times my empathy gets in the way of business decisions.
  • I’ve burned out before due to work, done too much, given too much and now my health is a priority as well as my livelihood.
  • Money + math just make my mind go blank, at times I feel nervous or nauseous trying to do financial tasks.
  • Focusing on money stifles my creativity, feels too contrived or is a distraction from my important work.
Money Coaching: the one thing that can change everything in your business

It’s time for women in business to run more sustainable and profitable businesses.

Rigid planning, data only decision-making and one-way-fits-all approaches are no longer working. And we can sense it.

And so it’s time to make and manage money a new way.

Illuminate will support you to:

Step into being the financial leader of your business- you do not need a degree in business or to mimic the behaviour of corporate CEO’s. 

Let go of trying to constantly fix your money mindset or clear money blocks. To stop over-personalising financial challenges, reducing blame and shame around money.

Choose new beliefs and create a money plan- reducing the need to constantly rely on working more or selling more to be able to take home more money.

Find a healthy balance between being creative, intuitive and business savvy. To acknowledge you can be both empathetic and exercise your own financial prowess.

Financial foundations make being in business for yourself much easier. Here is a video series explaining how to go about it.

Choose new beliefs and create a money plan- reducing the need to constantly rely on working more or selling more to be able to take home more money. 

Find a healthy balance between being creative, intuitive and business savvy. To acknowledge you can be both empathetic and exercise your own financial prowess.

How to gauge if this program is for you:


  • You’re seeking gentle and grounded exploration of money in a small group setting.
  • You’re prepared to commit to a confidential, non-judgemental and compassionate place for all the participants in the group.
  • You can attend, at a minimum the first four sessions live.
  • You can commit, during the first 8 weeks to do an additional 30 to 60 mins of work on your money and business finances.

    Group participant experience:

    Symmone Gordon, Visionary Ventures.


    Money was this nebulous ‘thing’ that I never quite felt I had proper control over. I’m very grateful for the confidence I now have in how I price and budget products in my business. It was also incredibly valuable to learn from the others in the group who all run different businesses but could share their challenges and wins as we progressed through the weeks.

    Heather E, Fraoch Collective.

    Natajsa Wagner kindly recorded this video in case you’d like to hear what it is like as a participant of the group program (the program used to run for 8 weeks as she mentions, currently it is a 5 month program to allow for ample time to be supported.)

    How the group program is run:

    The program will include 11 sessions over 5 months.

    This will be over 22 hours together on Zoom group sessions and a minimum 10 hours behind the scenes with Lynda via email, communicating individually with you for specific guidance and planning for you and your business where necessary.

    •  The 8 weekly modules are planned to begin February, 2023. Other times on offer depending on interest for US biz owners, apply and let me know your timezone.
    •  This will be followed by 3 x monthly calls for implementation in held in the second week of April, May and June 2023.

    To register for a North American friendly time, please contact me. 


    What we will cover

    The first four sessions will cover Money Beliefs, Stories, Behaviours and Patterns. The internal world of money. We will explore:

    • Your money story and biography.
    • Your parental and societal influences that shape our current beliefs.
    • How neurobiology and neuroeconomics explain components of the financial decision making process.
    • You will have a Certified Money Coach co-create your Money Type Map a clear visual on your archetypal expression around money.
    • We will explore many aspects of how we step forward embodying more positive behaviours.

    The second four-week block will cover  clear, practical money strategies. We will use these simple practices to integrate what we have discovered in the first four weeks. These will include the creation of a Livelihood and Lifestyle business plan encompassing:

    • A suite of offers that protects your most valuable resources: your time and energy.
    • A realistic and achievable Business Money Plan and cash forecast.
    • A profitable Pricing Strategy for your offers. 
    • An accountant’s eyes on your business, with personalised suggestions and guidance based on your goals.

    The final three sessions will be held monthly. This is to have ample time to implement all of the points mentioned above in a non-hurried way. As a group we will continue to explore where we can see any ways old stories or beliefs arise and support each other to take small but significant steps to create change.

    Being financially well and thriving in today’s society is a rebellious act. It is actually a pratice, not a pursuit to be financially well. It can provide us with security, choices and power that we may otherwise not experience. But to do so from a place of equanimity isn’t displayed often. So how do we feel out the best way to do this thing called MONEY? 

    I believe it is in groups with other women in business.


    Lynda is very intuitive and has unique and forward thinking ideas. Her work embraces the changing world we are in and guides her clients to a more authentic and sustainable life and business model.  Lynda has a sharp smart money mind and works miracles with spreadsheets and formulas making money decisions feel easeful.
     I felt very supported by Lynda. Through Lynda’s classes my relationship with money changed and helped me understand why I had some of my challenges. It was so enlightening and allowed me to grow personally and grow my business mindset that was unique for my business. I call Lynda my Business Doula because I feel nurtured and acknowledged by Lynda that my business is an extension of me and who I am. I highly recommend working with Lynda as she is a woman of vision and wholeness.
    Monica Dunne, Homeopath at Living in Wholeness

    This money program gave me permission to acknowledge the things I do well and explore the areas of abundance and financial IQ where I was most challenged. Doing the deeper work brought so much awareness to my ability to be an empowered money generator and manager. I’ve gone from hardly covering the costs of my business to employing another therapist to work in my Art Therapy Practice. So grateful for Lynda’s no nonsense, wisdom, ease and grace around financial confidence.

    Veronica Bestall

    I’d done a LOT of money courses before coming across Lynda and was at a place where I figured I was beyond help! I’d invested so much and hadn’t made any headway but I had this gut feeling that I should try once more and I am so glad I did. Lynda’s money course is a very unique approach to money mindset.  I have seen SO many shifts  in the short time since I worked with Lynda. If you’re in a place where you think you’ve tried everything and aren’t meant to manage your money, I recommend working with Lynda.
    Suzanne Culberg

    If you are looking for ways to empower yourself within your business and work in a profitable AND sustainable way, I highly recommend Lynda’s money program! Lynda helps you to build greater insight and awareness into the sometimes unhelpful money beliefs and behaviours we develop (or inherit), and shifts you into an empowered place of confidently planning and making money decisions with ease. She also gives really practical and easy-to-use tools and strategies that even a business novice like me can use!  

    Veronica Lister

    Doing the money coaching group with Lynda was a hugely beneficial experience. I learned a lot from her and the other particpants, and it felt good to share our challenges and successes with each other, evolving our awareness together.

    Lynda’s guidance brought together all the different money threads that were floating around somewhat disconnected for me – mindset, emotions, tools, strategies, practices, systems, etc. – and made it all much clearer and more focused. It feels so empowering and encouraging to have a clear pathway forward, creating a sustainable lifestyle and healthy finances.

    Lynda has a unique capacity to marry her vast experience in accounting and finance, with an awareness of energetics, psychology, behaviour and archetypes, in such a holistic yet grounded way. She is wise, savvy, fun, empathetic, challenging, practical and enlightening all at once. It feels great to have her and the other participants on my side, supporting me in creating a sustainable and flourishing business and life, so that I am well resourced to support others through my work.

    Delphine O'Keefe, Psychotherapist and Coach at Embody My Truth

    Accountant for small business

    I’m Lynda, an ex-corporate accountant who decided to leave the hustle and bustle to help business owners, creatives and change-makers design sustainable and profitable businesses, mainly because I also wanted this for myself.

    Along the way I realised, money can cause so much unecessary stress, and it lead me to train and become a Certified Money Coach. How we consciously behave around money is as important as our plans and strategies. But to do that, we have to look below the surface, to our relationship with money.

    I believe small businesses are the fabric of our communities. They are meaningful livelihoods and increase the beauty and personality in exchanging products and services. We all benefit from what privately owned businesses have to offer.


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