Make money an enjoyable, do-able and vibrant part of your everyday life.

“We all have money patterns and behaviors that create stress, anxiety, and fear, and that are contradictory to creating the personal and financial life we desire. If we don’t know what these patterns are, how can we possibly change them?”

– Deborah Price, Director of the Money Coaching Institute (USA).


We live in a world that makes us touch money pretty much daily. We’re also living in a time where we have unprecedented access to money that’s not our own. And let’s not forget money, in many countries, has basically become an invisible survival resource. And where are we taught how to handle this very important thing?

Then we wonder why it can be difficult to manage.

We can mistakenly believe having more of it will fix our problems. Sometimes it can, but some problems can’t be fixed by money or material possessions. 

Many people have said to themselves:

 – If I just earn more I will finally feel better, Or

–  If I just buy this thing, I will fit in, or feel good about myself.

But as a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® I can say this doesn’t work. There is another way though to move into a more right relationship with money, one that works for you. 

Money Coaching and Money Types are an awareness process that identifies old behavioural patterns and beliefs around money that are causing challenges. Inherited money patterns and poor modelling in our childhood can have us floundering in adulthood. 

Money Coaching can help you if…

  • You didn’t receive great guidance or modelling around money. Your parents were always stressed, being stingy or struggling and you don’t want that for yourself.


  • You feel stressed, ashamed or inadequate in the realm of money. This may not be the actual truth, and is not dependent on your bank balance.


  • You are sure your husband, parents, friends are all better at money than you. But you know they are not ‘smarter’ than you. Something else is up.


  • You have trouble earning or using money in ways that feel good to you. It may come in and then disappear just as quickly.

  • You struggle with anything related to money, reading documents, doing a quick calculation, counting your change or working out how to pay bills and afford your life.
  • You’re resistant to looking at your bank balance or struggle to speak about money.

  • You’ve read a tonne of books about money, but none seem to actually shift our behaviour or habits.


  • You want to become more clear and confident in your financial decision-making.


  • You don’t wish to defer responsibility or decisions to others anymore. Or suffer from indecision or doubt when it comes to your finances.


  • You want to feel confident seeking advice, but make your own decisions.


  • You’re looking to shift old money patterns and begin to move towards your financial goals.


  • You’d like help identifying and understanding your emotional and physical reactions to monetary tasks and to have ways to create long-term change.


6 X 1 hour consultations

Your own Money Type Map

Guidance to shift old patterns

Resources to work with Money Types

How does Money Coaching work?

We meet weekly or every second week across 6-12 weeks. You will be provided with exercises and resources during our time together. After these sessions you will also receive a personalised Money Type Map, your record of all that discussed above.

We will cover:

  1. Life themes that contribute to your internal narrative around and subconscious beliefs around money
  2. Identification of social or familial influences
  3. Deciphering which beliefs and stories around money are working for you or against you
  4. Your money types (based on archetypes) and their expression in your life
  5. Your next steps, how can you move towards feeling more financial well, thriving even!