How the Inner Critic holds us back {Interview With Delphine O’Keefe}


There’s are times in business and life when we feel like we’ve plateaued or are stuck in indecision.

Working out the next step or what path to take can feel difficult or unclear.

After speaking with Delphine one day, I realised that I was the one creating these stumbling blocks and asked her to sit down and share her wisdom on what I now know is… The Inner Critic.

Delphine from Embody My Truth is a psychotherapist, coach and meditation leader. A lot of her work focuses understanding your inner critic, inner child and emotional processing so you can live more of your own true life. You can find out about her work here .

In this recorded discussion we cover:

– How can we recognise if what we are thinking is our true selves or our inner critic.

– Why does it matter how our inner criticism is playing out in our lives and decision-making.

– We speak about how consciously do you want to make your decisions.

– How the Inner Critic could be holding us back from creating our own version of an expansive and joyful life and business.

Most importantly, Delphine shares how we can co-exist with our inner critic and keeping moving forward in life.

Find her full thoughts on the Inner Critic here:…

Or if you need the quick version:



Each stretch point or growth point it’s like, bing there it is. Well you’ve got this far and and we’re still safe but don’t be doing this again.

It really is a ‘get you back in your box’ kind of voice. 

No-one would be doing anything if we were constantly listening to our inner critic. 

Delphine O'Keefe


Some people believe it (the inner critic) is actually them. That is something that is really important aswell to highlight. I help my clients tease out which parts of themselves is actually saying things or believing things

Delphine O'Keefe



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