Your Monthly Financial Review

A Practice To Create Clarity In Your Business Finances.

The Monthly Financial Review Class is a step-by-step instruction video for business owners looking to create more clarity, understand the financial health of their business and make confident financial decisions.

As business owners, how do we move from being unsure or confused to confident about our business’s cash and profit position?

We no longer head to the bank to deposit the earnings for the day or balance our cheque books. So when do we finally pause and review our business finances?

this class came about because business owners were regularly TELLING ME:

  • They no longer wanted to feel confused or vague about their business finances.
  • They wanted a way, in between tax appointments, to understand more about their business’s cash and financial position.
  • They were done with being confused about where to start improving their business finances.
  • They were disappointed that they didn’t have time to look at their business finances.
  • They were guessing or estimating where they were at financially, making financial decisions stressful. 

Your Monthly Financial Review Class will help you:

  • Be more discerning in financial decision-making.
  • Decide how to ‘build up’ a business that provides for more than just the necessities.
  • Create a financial rhythm and accountability to look at your business finances regularly.
  • Design a practical and understandable way to know your business’s ‘key numbers’.
  • Create your own way to become excited about profit, understand how your work is providing for you and identify points of resistance surrounding money tracking.


This Class Is For You If:

  • You are new to financial reporting or have previously been confused by traditional financial reports.
  • You crave a practical and easeful way to know more about the health of your business finances.
  • You prefer small incremental changes, instead of a huge overhaul to your current business finances.
  • You value simplicity when it comes to dealing with money in your business.
  • You are seeking a new way to make and manage money.




1 x Recorded Class (25 minutes)

The Monthly Financial Review template

Email support for 4 weeks from date of purchase

 Class + Email Support price: $10 AUD

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