Business Growth and Transitions with Designer Alexandra Olsen


Do you want to know what business growth really looks like?

An organic, values-led way, without the made-up hype and marketing spins?

Or how do you discern when it’s time for your business model to pivot?

Or how to navigate making changes to your offerings that are good for you but could potentially compromise your financial stability?

Luckily for us,we have Alex Olsen, who is an Australian designer and business owner that tells it like it is, what real business is like. (Check out her business Violet Gray Design here.)

Alex and I sat down to chat about transitions and values business. I had noticed that Violet Gray Design shifted and morphed over the past few years in a graceful way. From selling at markets, to low-priced jewellery to transitioning into a more premium product business. 

So I asked Alex if she would be happy to speak about this with me. In this conversation we talk about…

…what real business is like when you lead from your values (and how it’s not always easy)

…how to navigate your life priorities along the way (and how to merge this with business)

…and to do so while holding the intention of doing minimal harm to the environment (and the potenital financial implications of this)

…all while providing a livelihood for yourself.

I hope you enjoy this conversation! Lynda.



It takes deep trust to run a business that you love. For anyone that’s out there, keep one foot in and one foot out and start testing the water. 

If you have the desire to make change, take the pressure off, you don’t have to be perfect right from the beginning.

Alex Olsen



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