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This is the Terms of Use for the website owned and operated by Lynda James trading as Valo Financial (ABN 60 132 538 655)

1.     Acceptance: By using, reading or browsing this website will constitute acceptance of Valo Financial  Terms. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions please cease using this website.

2.     Promotional Work: All intellectual property rights in this website and products, sketches or designs appearing on this website remains Valo Financial  property. No use will be made by the Client of this intellectual property without Valo Financial’s prior written consent.

3.     Payment Terms: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all accounts must be paid in full without any set-off or deduction before Valo Financial provides services.

4.     Exclusion of Liability: To the maximum extent permitted by law:

(a)   all warranties, conditions or terms implied by statute or law are excluded;

(b)   Valo Financial (including its officers, employees and agents) will not be liable to the Client or any other person for any loss or damage of any kind (including whether consequential, indirect, special or loss of profit) whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with any services supplied by Valo Financial for the Client.

5.     No Waiver: Any failure by Valo Financial to enforce any of the Terms will not be construed to be a waiver of any of Valo Financial’s rights under those Terms.

6.     Severability: If any Term is held invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining Terms will not be affected, prejudiced or impaired.

7.     Access: The Client is provided with access to this site for its use only. The Client cannot on-sell information obtained from this website.

8.     Third Party Sites: This site may contain links to third party sites. Valo Financial is not responsible for the condition or content of those sites as they are not under Valo Financial’s control. The Client accesses those sites and/or uses the site’s products and services solely at the Client’s own risk. The links are provided solely for the Client’s convenience and do not indicate, expressly or impliedly, an endorsement by Valo Financial of the sites or the products or services provided on the site. Valo Financial does not permit any linkages to this site without prior permission.

9.     Social Networking Sites: These Terms also govern any submissions the Client makes on any Valo Financial related third party website or page such as Valo Financial’s Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or other social networking site. All comments, images, videos and any other type of material posted on any third party social networking site do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideas of Valo Financial or its employees and Valo Financial  is not responsible for any such content. In any event, all material posted on any third party social networking site must comply with these Terms and the third party social networking sites terms of use, as applicable.

10.  Warranties: As a condition of the Client’s use of this website, the Client warrants that:

(a)   the Client will use this website only in accordance with these Terms; and

(b)   the information the Client provides via this website will be accurate and complete, and will not be misleading, deceptive or likely to be misled or deceive.

11.  Overseas access: This website may be accessed in Australia and throughout the world. Valo Financial makes no offer in or by this website to sell any product or service in any country outside Australia and no representations that the content of this website complies with the laws of any country outside Australia. If the Client accesses this site from outside Australia, the Client does so at its own risk and the Client is responsible for complying with the laws in the country where it accesses the site.

12.  Privacy: Valo Financial undertakes to comply with the privacy laws as they exist in Queensland in relation to any information provided by the Client to Valo Financial in the course of any transaction conducted pursuant to the Terms. In particular:

(a)   Valo Financial may collect personal information;

(b)   the Client’s personal information will not be sold to a third party.

13.  Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is provided by Valo Financial in good faith. To the best of Valo Financial’s knowledge, the information is accurate and current. However, this site and its contents are provided to the Client on an “as is” basis. Valo Financial makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or the information, content, materials or products included on this site, except as otherwise provided, and then only to the minimum extent required, under any applicable laws.

14.  Governing Law: These Terms and the contractual relationship between Valo Financial and Clients are governed by Queensland law, and the Queensland Courts have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of these Terms and those contractual relationships.

15.  Virus Warning: All care is taken to ensure that this website and data transmissions are free from viruses. However Valo Financial cannot guarantee that any file or program available for download and/or execution from or via this site is free from viruses or other conditions which could damage or interfere with data, hardware or software with which it might be used. It is the Client’s responsibility to scan any such data for viruses. The Client assumes all risk of use of all programs and files on this site, and the Client releases Valo Financial entirely of all responsibility for any consequences of its use.

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Please join the Financial Insights community.

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I know business owners don’t have a lot of time for scrolling. So I share my in-depth research + experiences, new business finances practices, upcoming availability of 1:1 work, group catch ups and monthly client openings first with this community via email.

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