Small decisions have a very big impact



There’s not many finance professionals out there that tell you to “think small”, but on this occasion, I will! For good reason though – it has taken many ‘micro’ decisions to get where you are today in life and in your business.

Thousands of decisions, all placing you in the direction you are now headed.

A journey of tiny steps that, upon reflection, looks like one large leap. But in reality, it was probably one micro-decision that started you on your business journey.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this matters in regards to money? Well, the same principle applies. It will take a series of different micro-decisions to change your financial path – whether it’s getting the basics in place, adopting new processes or changing the way you feel about money. Inertia to movement. A shift in direction. Many thousands of micro-decisions in your journey to take you in a new financial direction.



What seems like a small decision can have a big effect. Here is a simple example for you, when a teenager starts working there are decisions to be made:

  • What’s the best bank account to have?
  • Where will my super payments go?
  • Save, spend or a bit of both?
  • Eat out with my mates or eat at home?
  • KFC or Subway?

At each point, whether it’s done consciously or not, a decision is made. Each decision then becomes habitual – going shopping the day after pay day, eating out on a Friday night, buying a flavoured milk when putting fuel in the car. The same works for your business.

See all these micro-decisions building up? All these habits seem so small on their own. But add them together and the whole pay packet will be gone, quick fast!



We’ve all walked past a travel agent and seen alluring photos of exotic destinations like Thailand. Golden beaches, crystal blue water and green jungle. You think, yep, I’m going there on my next holiday (micro-decision #1).

Here comes the next micro-decision. How are you going to pay for it? Credit, loan or savings? Or better yet, Lotto? Your choice will impact your financial direction from here on in. Let’s say micro-decision #2 is to open a separate bank account and call it Thailand. But it’s the third micro-decision might be the smartest decision yet –  you move some of your pay into the new each pay day *before* spending anything else.

Can you see how much of an impact these micro-decisions make?


One decision after the other leading in a particular direction.


And the numbers are simple:

  • $5 saved each week = $260 saved over a year
  • $25 saved each week = $1300 saved over a year
  • $50 saved each week = $2600 saved over a year


So, take the time to reflect on where your micro-decisions are taking you. It could make all the difference to your finances!

There are many ways to achieve your financial goals. Come do your 'finances' a different way.