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There’s not many finance professionals out there that tell you to ‘think small’, but on this occasion, I am!

For good reason though – it has taken many ‘micro’ decisions to get where you are today in life and business.

Thousands of decisions, all placing you in the direction you are now headed.

A journey of tiny steps that, upon reflection, look like one large leap. But in reality, it was probably one micro-decision that started you on your business journey.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this matters in regards to your business finances?

Financial decision making is one of the largest ‘weights’ business owners feel. Sometimes it keeps them up at night, or is the reason why they’re out celebrating. How you run your business is a long chain of decisions. It reflects your values and the overall direction you’re heading.

And when you are not at ease with financial decision making, you will feel it each and every day in your business.




Here are some ideas to become more at ease with your own micro-decisions. There are 4 elements I think are really important to decision making. 


1. Are your micro-decisions allowing you to act in line with your values?

If your choices are restricted, or for some reason you can NOT act in line with your values, the decision feels heavy. Or in a moment of spontaneity did you choose price over quality… Acting in line with your values is one of the most important factors to lightening the decision making load.

2. Can you act with confidence when making financial decisions?

Self-doubt, prior criticisms or judgement can erode your decision making confidence. It’s best to notice if this is the reason and find ways to move past these. If it is not your area of expertise, you may not feel confident. I have even heard business owners say ‘numbers are not their thing’. And that’s okay also. Seek professional advice or help from a business savvy friend.

3. Do you notice where and when you’re holding off making a micro-decision?

Is that resistance or is it for a reason? Sometimes resistance links back to the two above. Is it that you have had to make a decision, yet none of the options are in line with your values? Or are you not confident to make those decisions? Do certain aspects of business or finances stump you? Do you have no experience in some financial aspects, so it’s all new?

4. Some value-based decisions are going to potentially take you on a path that has not been taken before, or you may be ‘going against the grain’.

And that’s never easy. I hear you! But from experience I can tell you, making a decision that is not in line with your values weighs much more heavily than going against the crowd. Whether it be in your industry, colleagues or culture. 

You see, the thing about micro-decisions is that over time they add up. When a boat heads only a small amount off-course, it can have dire results. Imagine ending up in Africa instead of Europe!



What seems like a small decision can have a big effect. Each decision then becomes habitual – going shopping the day after pay day, eating out on a Friday night, buying a flavoured milk when putting fuel in the car. The same works for your business.

Giving discounts, writing off time you didn’t bill, paying extra for work because you weren’t organised.

Tiny decisions have a big impact. And tiny habits can move you from chaos to calm.



When your next financial decision approaches, I would really love for you to remember that having a clear direction, solid set of values and confidence in your decision making is important! Your micro-decisions no longer need to feel heavy. So to put this all in perspective, I’ve given you some figures below to demonstrate how small decisions add up. 

Incremental decisions and habits in numbers.

So, take the time to reflect on where your micro-decisions are taking you. It could make all the difference to your finances!

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The Financial Insights community.

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As business owners we don’t have a lot of time for scrolling social media.

Therefore, I share how you can master your financial decision making to stay in line with your values and goals, nail your business design to be profitable and make money enjoyable and manageable via emails direct to your inbox. 

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