Riding Out Uncertain Times

Ok beautiful business owners so here it is.

The businesses that will ride out these crazy times, will be the ones with financial clarity.

Not necessarily the biggest bank accounts, the best marketing or the largest sales or discount or free stuff.

Why? Because those with clarity over their financial position are going to know;

» where they stand.

» what they need each month.

» make decisions from clear perspective.

They can make a plan, pivot and position themselves to move through this uncertain period making aligned, informed decisions.

And as business owners we’re all capable of this.

Check in on your bank balance.

Project out your expenses for the next few months. 

Sure-up any income you can, this mean contact existing, regular or expected clients to ask how they are going. Do they foresee any changes in their work with you? Check your accounts receivable or those who have upaid invoices. And prioritise income-generating activities.

The key is to prioritise financial clarity before decision making.


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