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What is Money Coaching?

Often how we deal with money is not actually about money at all, it’s about so much more. And that’s what money coaching is all about…

"We don’t manage money, we manage our behaviour around money".

Money Coaching is a step-by-step process to discover if money patterns and behaviour are causing stress, anxiety and fear and what we can do about it. It’s deeper than just asking ‘how can I earn more?’. 

‘How can I earn more?’ is a question that is addressed in the money coaching. But to get to the depths of why we are at this point is really about us unravelling the layers of conditioning we receive living in this modern world. 

And what the world has told us money is about. 

While discovering what it truly can provide for us. It’s about self-navigating how much we actually need, and what we need it for. 

Money Coaching brings to the surface deep money patterns and dynamics in our lives. It helps us remove conflicts and unconscious obstacles. It helps us learn to communicate our needs and desires around while giving you new tools and strategies that were potentially not modelled or taught to us.

Money Coaching helps you change how you think, feel and act around money. 

It helps you find your true, financially thriving self.

One aspect of the Money Coaching process is the use of Money Types. Archetypes that help bring awareness and insights into the deep core theme around our own relationship with money. You can find out more about Money Types here

Our society has very little experience, education or language around money motivation, behaviours and emotions. 

It’s been said to be taboo or impolite to speak about it. 

We internalise societal and religious stories about the virtue of poverty and how wealth corrupts. We brought up on the narrative of punishment and reward (hello money!) and  often money is attached to shame and greed, which makes it a challenging intermediary that provides a lot of our survival needs. 

No wonder it can be hard to deal with!

So if you’d like to change your relationship with money, I offer three types of money coaching. 

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Hi, I’m Lynda,

You’ll notice I’m not your usual grey-suited accountant.

I don’t do taxes, I help you uncomplicated your finances, create choices around making more money and shape your business to fit in with your life through great financial decisions.

I’m also a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, so in addition to sorting out the practical accounting side of money, I can also help guide you to uncover your money story, beliefs and behaviours that may be challenging or preventing you from growing.