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Money Coaching: the one thing that can change everything in your business

Money Coaching for Business Owners

Create a new financial reality for you and your business by examining your relationship with what lies at the core business: money.

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Lynda is genuine and real. I am not ‘just a client’. Lynda honestly sees beyond the ‘get tax done’ mindset and deeply desires for you to thrive. This means she can see the ‘gaps’ in your financials and business systems and offers guidance and no-judgement advice around what to do.

Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue

one hour consultations

Do you know something needs to change but you’re not sure what?

Or just need some questions answered by an accountant?

Would you like confirmation your pricing is profitable?

Are you unsure whether to begin working on your monetary behaviours and patterns or practical finance systems and strategies? If so head here.

your monthly financial review workshop

As business owners, how do we move from being unsure or confused to confident and clear about our business’ cash and financial position?

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A quick and cheerful way to plan out your year financially in your business. Leave any excuses at the door, there’s no complicated strategies to making solid income each month. I can help show you.

Come see your business’s potential for 2021.

Intentional Business Design Consultation

Helping business owners navigate changes in their business to claim back their desired lifestyle, without losing their livelihood.



We look at creative ways you can generate more income and be of service to your community without having to work more hours.

Find out more about a Livelihood + Lifestyle Biz Model here.

Virtual financial strategy and business analysis

For the business owner looking for peace of mind and profitability. Including customised reporting to suit their needs (not the tax man’s). As well as planning, strategy, financial analysis and insights on a monthly (or quarterly) basis.

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I write emails about making and managing money in business when you're a kind, considerate and empathetic business owner. I speak about our monetary behaviour and practical finance business advice. We look at money from all angles.

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