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I believe business financials have become more complex and confusing than they need to be. And it’s time for that to change. Business owners deserve financial clarity + direction – so they can really focus on what matters and create the lifestyle they want!

Valo Packages


Regardless of how much you earn or how far along you are in business, I want you to know you can feel good about money and make financial decisions with ease. Right now. In this 90-minute immersive session, we create a meaningful and purpose-driven action plan so you can feel better about your business, confident in your financial decision making and begin earning as much money as you desire to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

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Virtual financial strategy and business analysis

This is for businesses who require a strategist or analyst to delve into their books deeper. I work with you on a month-to-month basis. This includes monthly or quarterly catch-ups, financial reporting and forecasting, data and financial insights, plus strategy around growing your business and tweaking your business model. Get an experienced set of eyes across your financials, have an accountant assist with any lingering profitability or cash flow questions, let go of some of the financial load and make better business decisions. This is for the business owner who wants to have an experienced and analytical finance person on their team to support the business leaders and decision-makers, provide guidance to the bookkeeper and liaise with the tax accountant if necessary.

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Lynda is genuine and real. I am not ‘just a client’. Lynda honestly sees beyond the ‘get tax done’ mindset and deeply desires for you to thrive. This means she can see the ‘gaps’ in your financials and business systems and offers guidance and no-judgement advice around what to do.

Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue


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